• IT’S CRUNCH TIME: Our newest product makes the perfect breakfast cereal or mid-day treat. Use our cinnamon almond granola to top parfaits and other foods that need a little added crunch.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO ORDINARY GRANOLA: Lakanto Granola contains only 4 net carbs, but that’s not all—it is grain-free, gluten-free, and is naturally sweetened with a touch of monk fruit.
  • KID- AND MOM-APPROVED: You may need to buy 2 bags: 1 for yourself and 1 for the family.
  • LIFESTYLE FRIENDLY: Works with ketogenic, vegan, low-carb, low-sugar, and all-natural diets.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A crunchy mix of coconut, sunflower seeds, almonds, chia seeds, cinnamon, all-natural Monkfruit Sweetener, erythritol, and a hint of sea salt.
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Your perfect breakfast has arrived. Lakanto’s cinnamon almond granola doesn’t just taste delicious, it has fewer carbs than the leading granola and it’s also keto-friendly. No grains, no gluten, and no added sugar. Just perfectly toasted ingredients with a touch of sweetness from our Classic Monkfruit Sweetener. Enjoy it with yogurt or milk in the morning or eat it by the handful whenever you need a snack.